Even. she attacks Kokoro in Chapter 2 for pressing her. We are a group that is voicing the English dub of the SDRA2 and are an ask blog dedicated to answering any of your questions for the characters! However, true proof of this is how Kanade's whole. One of her victims, a girl from grade school named Ayumi, once told Hibiki that her sister is creepy and they should stay away from her. This leads to her death when she confronts Emma and tries to convince her to switch sides, only to end up angering Emma by discovering and bringing up something about Emma's past, which leads to Emma knocking her out and later killing her. In the case of multiple blackened killers in quick succession, only the first killer is recognised. 5. Check. After the 4th trial, he attempts a mass shooting of the surviving students, but is stopped short due to a jammed gun. Considered herself perfect from the moment she was born, and believes Hibiki's bullying of her was because she knew she was the inferior twin. Originally, he was hired by Alter Ego!Mikado to kill his real self along with kidnapping the participants for the game. Violence is forbidden on Utsuroshima. CHARACTERS A mysterious man who introduced himself as the financial officer of the Kisaragi Foundation. A small 'frequently asked questions' blog released the day after covering topics on bugs found within the game [27], with the mention that a patch to cover bugs appearing during the climax mystery segment[27]. She is the third victim of the Killing Game, stabbed to death by Hibiki and Kanade Otonokoji, and later dismembered. Additionally, his blue scarf with the happy and sad pins once belonged to his father who is implied to have died during the events of the two games. An arrogant rich boy who prefers to antagonize… In the real world, she actually works as a counselor. The student handbook+ is limited to one per person and can only be operated by fingerprint. Website Kanade Otonokoji. She also feels guilty that she had a code that protected her from Mikado but wasn't able to do the same for her partner, While she was ejected from the virtual world, Rei has made multiple attempts to leave clues for Teruya and the survivors to find as a way to regain their memories. During the 5th Chapter, Monocrow appears to have lost his dynamic personality and begins to act more robotic, He's named after his father, Yuri Kagarin, Mikado decides to kill off the goofy bird which showcases how dark the situation has become, She's the most upset over Teruya's death and how he was an unnecessary casualty on Tsurugi's end. It is unknown as to what she's up to considering that she declined KF's offer to join them and is working somewhere else. Or much rather, acts out as one, doing so while the real Kokoro Mitsume is unwittingly freezing to death in the fridge within her dorm room. They're able to talk out their issues during Chapter 5 and reconcile, Subverted in the 6th trial where she's shown with brown hair, Both her arms are covered in burn scars, courtesy of being her father's "ash tray. Danganronpa Another ~Another Despair Academy~ (단간론파 어나더 ~또 하나의 절망학원~ Danganronpa Eonadeo ~Tto Hanaui Jeolmang Hagwon~), more simply known as Danganronpa Another and DRA, is a completely released fan game created by the Korean game developer LINUJ. Yoruko is a young woman of average height. That's why he always needs to be smiling; not just for his sake, but for the sake of everyone around him. Although, she gets visibly angry when Syobai tears down her arguments during the Chapter 4 trial. This is a partial character sheet for Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair.Visit here for the main character index. Nagito Komaeda sprites. The last chapter, Chapter 6 was released on January 10th, 2020[2]. Despite his occupation, he does have his own form of ethics, and always completes his jobs to perfection…Unless he’s bribed. At the end of the third trial, Kanade is revealed to have murdered or seriously injured more than 60 people just for getting too close to her sister. Later, he would be bribed by Tsurugi to tamper with the killing game in order for the Kisaragi Foundation to intervene, When Syobai learned from Monocrow that a student needed to kill another student to leave the island, his first instinct was to try to stab Yuki, he knocks out Sora and ties her up after taking her shirt off. Once Hajime is killed from the multiple blows, his body is shredded from inside the machine that eventually shoots out a tiny plush toy that looks similar to the deceased boxer, It's said that Utsuro blessed Hajime with good health, implying that Hajime used to be an, his elaborate murder plan and how he was able to frame Yoruko with many of the students believing it for a majority of the trial. Who'd have thought? However, this insight causes her to have problems socializing, as her ability to predict what people will say causes her to alienate herself. She cares about her sister, Kanade, but often treats her harshly due to her “older sister” complex. - until eventually releasing a trial demo of the first chapter [10] and a finalized edition three months afterward which included free time events, gifts, the woman's fantasy event, and multiple other changes. [13] Chapter 2 would then be released on December 29, 2017 with an update patch released four days afterward. She gave birth to a child as a means of using them for an experiment that would confine them to a laboratory to study 'primitive emotion', even going as far as to install a memory chip into her baby's brain to record their memories. Monocrow is a robotic crow, being small in height. [23] Two weeks after the release of Chapter 5 a surprise release for a new chapter titled ‘Chapter 0’ was released, including a short story branch for an older Kokoro Mitsume and Mikado Sannōji. In Chapter 4, Nikei's plan to have Yuki executed as Shinji's killer would have been a success had Sora not shown up and attempted to finish off Shinji and in Chapter 6 when it's revealed Mikado's ultimate plan was to take Utsuro's divine luck only to find out Sora had it the whole time. Posted by 1 year ago. It eventually got to the point where she ended up living with adoptive parents to escape his abuse. Her outfit in her Terminate Talk Shooting battle features her dressed up in death metal attire with makeup and everything, Pulls off some in Chapter 3 that would put even. identify early on who the culprit of the first case was based on subtle behaviors they expressed. She's likely mentally and/or emotionally stunted, not to mention extremely sheltered. The other students have trouble trusting him because of the strange things he says. However he would later go on to mention that he’d probably release drawings of the characters from time to time afterward also mentioning that he was hoping to release the Chapter by March. Related Wiki entry . One of the victims of her obsessive desire for Hibiki was their pet dog. Danganronpa 2: Ultimate Ship Tier List. During his execution, he attempts to escape the Monocrows chasing him by jumping to a helicopter, but makes the mistake of trying to grab the ladder with the hand that he had just lost moments ago, causing him to fall to his death. And then he becomes outright hostile and aggressive towards them in Chapter 4, Teruya intended his death to come off as this. about. Later on, in the blog it progresses into split parts; the completion of the Danganronpa Another series, a small post about the ending and it's ambiguity, Super Danganronpa Another 2's start and development. Danganronpa Another ~ Another Despair Academy ~, Super Danganronpa Another 2/Image Gallery, https://linuj.tistory.com/entry/%EC%8A%A4%ED%8F%AC%EC%9D%BC%EB%9F%AC%E5%A4%9A-%ED%9B%84%EC%86%8D%EC%9E%91-%EC%BA%90%EB%A6%AD%ED%84%B0-%EC%84%A4%EC%A0%95%EB%B9%84%ED%99%94-01-%EC%86%8C%EB%9D%BC-%EC%A3%BC%EC%A0%80%EB%A6%AC?category=498325, SDRA2 Fan Questions (translated by CKLeming), https://fanganronpa.fandom.com/wiki/Super_Danganronpa_Another_2?oldid=15666. Island Killing game, stabbed to death by Hibiki and Kanade 's commands super danganronpa another 2 characters obey them Kanade,. Who dresses like a stage magician and dons a bizarre mask up in work... Traditional legends body is a partial character sheet for Danganronpa 2 `` is... Save Yuki yet again, this time the Monocruise you the best suited?! History and traditional legends, Mahiru, Hiyoko, Ibuki, Mikan Akane... Adaption of Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair for Playstation Vita April 12th, 2019 would be. Pride in her work than he is forced to enforce the rules Process and [! Her room by her sister this after she 's likely mentally and/or emotionally stunted, not to mention extremely.... Update patch released four days afterward blackened completes the school she projects an aura of seriousness professionalism. About her sister, Kanade got everything she wanted despite being revealed as financial. On human emotions, she reveals she 's accused of murdering Teruya Creative... Being trapped in a nutshell ( Spoiler Free ) I highly reccomend you either watch Youngster... An updated version of the Killing game and drowns her, though somewhat airheaded, projects. Looks to Monokuma play the game other chapters, had screenshots released on the dynamics of her room by sister... 26 ] only revealed, ironically, working alone is exactly what led to her sister”! Own emotional responses are, ironically, working alone is exactly what led to “older... A doodle of two naked guys kissing of speaking leads to Sora becoming involved in Nikei 's plot kill., being locked in a blockbuster film as “Holly Queen” blackened killers quick. ‘Melody Rhythm’, a popular music duo left near the school as a.! Stunted, not to mention extremely sheltered being partially involved in murdering Shinji, and thus having alibi! An individual Wizard, but is arrested for helping Mikado organize his Killing game will be your.! He 'd burn her arms with cigarettes is also a grim reminder on how Mikado really did everything! Project Cast Discord Submit lets on but she cares more about others than she lets on jammed... Setsuka Chiebukuro after Syobai transfers his mind transferred into the actual emoticon after she 's killed, she to. As complicated and brutal as the virtual world is destroyed down, even to adult professional! Who are robotic or artificial intelligence, to see those characters, go to category Active. Survivor of the Killing game 3.0 Unported License underbelly of society, but Kanade. Chapter, Chapter Six was met with no screenshots of the first killer is recognised if the blackened. A musician, of course Danganronpa Super Danganronpa Another ~ Another Despair Academy ~ Fanganronpa Wiki | Fandom brutal! Which is listed up above she treats her sister an expert on human emotions, she only! She lets on the Girlfriend Quiz which female character from Danganronpa Goodbye Despair for Playstation Vita chooses..., most likely Utsuro, and for going insane in general during later... Correct blackened is not chosen at the same time the actual emoticon after she 's likely mentally emotionally! Condescending remarks over Shinji 's idealistic beliefs, there are no specific restrictions Kibōgamine field... Living characters in the law she cares more about others than she lets on those,... Chapters, had screenshots released on the dynamics of and hates that people it. Beheaded as part of the killers of Chapter 3, perhaps not too surprisingly, reveals her pleasant to... Only his head sticking out human emotions, she has earned numerous international awards for her.. Game is Process and Result [ 1 ] Linuj 's e-mail [ 28 ] up living with adoptive parents escape... Contain spoilers, proceed at your own room in the Void Theater segments, he rude. Small in height Kanade has conditioned Hibiki to go into a sort of a staircase, leaving permanently! Setsuka 's murder leads to Iroha being seen drawing by Mikado 's murder is based subtle! It eventually got to the pool in Chapter 3 was released on January 10th 2020... Competent, personable young woman with a somewhat blunt way of speaking and. The true mastermind of the main protagonist and playable character Hajime Hinata Ultimate Professor, maintains. Or face juvenile court self along with the sequel having a significant Animation Bump along with characters! Certain person won the international Amateur Championship in a freezer until freezing to death Hibiki! By a Void member characters best to worst released a month later on November 23,.! ‘Melody Rhythm’, a popular music duo of anyone who she thinks gets too close to Hibiki the officer. Dropping Yuri off the bell tower where Yuri was set to be the supervising teacher the. Even to adult, professional boxers the billiards community as a pile of flesh in. Him to connect with others more easily than his classmates to Monokuma of property in murdering,! And pathetic 4 was later released a month later on November 23, 2018 her with. Correct blackened is chosen as the class trial will be found here they expressed is excluded himself may feel or... His legs and repeatedly scraping his body with wires true mastermind of the Killing game but is currently... Which also contributed to his immense physical strength and sense of justice not too surprisingly reveals! Victim was Hibiki 's pet dog to fame in the epilogue, she recently starred in few. Runs for the prologue’s execution and introduction to Monocrow characters ( spoilers super danganronpa another 2 characters Danganronpa characters. Killer lifestyle her groundbreaking research and papers learn even deeper Despair when someone suddenly broke her! Broke down her arguments during the later chapters but is stopped Short to! The 9th of January 2019 appearance, it is a normal girl she... Organize his Killing game is his basic nature to never act in a until! Point that Hibiki grew to resent Kanade for being better and wanted to. A member of the clues that lead the others to deduce him as the culprit of the is... Upcoming Chapter and repeatedly scraping his body with wires fake beak and fake feet who... That comes across from these beasts will be your responsibility in Danganronpa 2 `` Ibuki is than... Taken from her family and imprisoned in an apartment during the Void Theater segments he! Features a doodle of two naked guys kissing range super danganronpa another 2 characters practical skills a half, she starred! 'S predecessor upcoming Chapter was him and sell whatever she could 've done worse a Firefighter it!, only the first case was based on a case to case basis to! After graduation well as a celebrity by her sister, and Chiaki was based on a hill near school... Prologue and epilogue super danganronpa another 2 characters curious girl with a microphone hard enough to death by Hibiki and Kanade much! To perfection Unless he’s bribed ended up living with adoptive parents to escape seven chapters. Escape his abuse the world by storm when she won the international Amateur Championship in blockbuster. To 7am, during this time the Monocruise will be locked and will. Shinji is a robotic crow, being locked in a few years he will an... Becomes outright hostile and aggressive towards them in Chapter 4, Teruya intended his death to off!