Thank you so much! , Aluminum reacts with the acid in tomatoes so you would be ingesting aluminum. Enjoy! . Love the dish. I even shared the link with some friends. (i always stock on hand) i also mixed some cheese mozz and parm into the baking group. Yay! My husband said this was his new favorite. . I have not tried the recipe yet so I could not give a rating. Hi, Alexandra! I've always been hesitant to assemble this dish in advance because I worry that the uncooked pasta might soak up too much liquid before it goes in the oven, resulting in a mushy or weird texture at the end. Do you use regular noodles that don't specifically say oven ready? My husband, son, grandson, and I all agreed it's a fantastic dish. You don't even have to boil the pasta for this easy Dump and Bake Meatball Casserole! What a great meal for a weeknight or to serve guests! I realized a few things (I’m NO cook so this isn’t to tear this apart. But you have for it to cook 1st for 35 mins...I did everything you said and I ended up having to put it back in for 20 more mins. Removed the foil....added the shredded cheese on top. Sign up for my exclusive emails and get this free guide! Combine all meatball ingredients and form into 1″ balls. Then move on to the next step. This post may contain affiliate links. Just place ground turkey or beef in with pasta & cover it with the sauce. That's great! Plus, 425F is also the perfect temp for cooking frozen garlic cheese bread so I can just put together a quick salad and have pasta, bread and salad for an easy meal. . Please don't cook acidic foods in aluminum, I tried this and it was an amazing casserole! Thanks. This meatball casserole looks so good, and I can't wait to give it a go. I even set it on the time bake while at church & it’s ready when we get home! My husband really liked it so I will be making this again. Liquids could be frozen separate. Spaghetti and Meatballs Recipe | Rachael Ray | Food Network In a large bowl mix all meatball ingredients. I added I talian seasonung and, after tasting the pasta to be sure it was al dente, I added a can of fire roasted tomatoes to try to give it some taste. Simmer the marinara sauce oven medium heat in the skillet. I'm curious if anyone has tried this as a freezer meal; I'm thinking it would be best to cook and then freeze. I am trying this for dinner. I didn't change anything and it came out perfect, I was so impressed! I packed it for my office lunch the next day as well, so amazing! If you have a different shape 3-4 quart dish (as shown), that will be fine too. Rave reviews from the family! If she's heating it straight from the refrigerator when it's cold, it might take a bit longer. . Yes, an aluminum pan will be fine! For the dish, I used a 13-inch by 9-inch baking dish. Thank you so much for this recipe. Hi, Amanda! With only 5 simple ingredients, family-friendly weeknight dinners don't get much better than this! . Add tomato sauce, tomato paste, mushrooms, and remaining oregano, garlic powder, black pepper, and basil. I'm not sure if this is the case since I haven't tried it that way -- just a guess. Thank you for this fabulous easy recipe and looking forward to spending more time on your site. Quick reply would be great as I wanna make it tonight! You can definitely prep it in advance -- I just wouldn't leave it sitting in the fridge for more than a few hours. The pasta will dry out a bit as it sits, so you may need to stir in some additional marinara sauce when you reheat the dish. Thank you! Thank you for this recipe. Copying and/or pasting full recipes to any social media is strictly prohibited. I'm so glad that you enjoyed the recipe. If she's not planning to enjoy the meal that evening, I would just prepare the ingredients for her in a basket and let her stir everything together when she's ready to make it. You will probably need to use two large baking dishes, because I'm not sure that one dish alone will hold everything (unless you have a very deep 9x13-inch dish...that might do the trick)! Total bake covered for was 45min and 10 min with cheese on top. I had to add about 5 minutes or so to each phase of the cooking times. I was on diet. Thanks for sharing. Hi, Elizabeth! . Thanks for sharing this information. Since you're using uncooked pasta, I think that the texture gets a little gummy if it sits around too long (in the fridge or even after baking as leftovers), so it's just not my preference. The crumb topping is a great idea! I'm 9 months pregnant with my second child and making freezer meals for after the baby is born. I had a idea for a pre-Thanksgiving dinner, work in the kitchen kinda night. Her sauce may be more season than yours. This was so good!! Thanks, Anna! Can't wait.. Hope that helps! Could you use Alfredo sauce instead of marinara? I do think Aunt Bee & I would get along. I added fennel seeds, a bit of cayenne, dried basil and garlic powder before baking. Remove the meatballs and set aside. I do not recommend freezing this casserole because pasta has a tendency to get gummy and mushy when thawed. Thanks, April! After reading all these great reviews, I wonder what I did wrong? . I haven't tried it as a freezer meal because I've always been worried that the raw pasta sitting in the liquid for too long will change the texture of the noodles (and maybe make them mushy)? Go forth and enjoy it ????❤️. Roll into balls of … Thank you so much for all your great receipts!! Blair...I'll be trying more of your ideas!! The cooking time should be about the same! What type of noodles did you use? I would just stir it in with the rest of the ingredients right before baking. Yes! Wow does this casserole look good, Blair! Thank you so much for this recipe, definitely a keeper! Hi, Shelley! I'll make sure to use a 9x13 next time! It doesn't get much easier, right?! Hi I'm wondering if I could use cooked meatballs in this dish considering the water that is added. Season to taste with salt and pepper and remove from heat. Awesome! I purchased pre made meatballs from the store that are raw and need to be cooked. Weird. Whole Foods also has a great brand called Nature's Rancher. I had to adjust baking time beacuse of the pasta i use. If you want to bake it in advance, I would suggest covering it with foil and baking it in a 350 degree oven for 20-30 minutes, or until just heated through. And believe me when I say that is a gold star that isn't easily achieved! I'm glad that you enjoyed it!! Tasted great and I loved how easy it was - it's a big win when there's not a pile of dishes to clean up after!! Your email address will not be published. I actually had rotini pasta but I bought a box of "miniature spaghetti" from Safeway and have been trying to figure out a good recipe to use it in...this was it!!! I'm so glad that you enjoyed it, Laura! Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. I followed the directions exactly and it turned out perfectly. I am trying it tonight and am so excited! Do I bake them in the oven first and then add them to this meal like in the recipe? Let it bake up until the cheese is melted and bubbly. Thanks so much. Preheat oven to 425 degrees F. In a 9 x 13-inch baking dish, stir together uncooked pasta, marinara sauce, water, and meatballs. Hi, Michael! Oh, thanks so much for letting me know, Becky! Also I just prepped this weeks dinners yesterday and had 2 lb homemade meatballs left over. Oh, YAY!!! Yay! So delicious. I want it to work for you because it's so good! One warning...some have asked about doing this in a crockpot. It does look delicious! Not dried out or blah! I also live at 6,000 ft elevation and that has its own issues. I know this will be a hit and a "make again" - just want to make sure I didn't do anything wrong also, what size (qt) caserole dish did you use? Dump- and-Bake Chicken Parmesan Casserole, Dump-and-Bake Chicken and Mushroom Casserole, Dump-and-Bake Chicken Alfredo Pasta Casserole,, I hope that helps! You can definitely use cooked pasta, and it should reheat at 350 degrees F in about 25 minutes (if you're heating it right away) or in about 35 minutes if you're cooking it directly from the refrigerator and it's still cold. Grease a large casserole dish. I would just stir everything together in the dish (prepping it for her), and then give it to her to bake fresh at her house. Is the picture misleading, because step 2 of the recipe reads: "In a large baking dish (about 9 x 13), stir together uncooked pasta, marinara sauce, water, and meatballs. So glad that you enjoyed the meal, and I hope that you'll try some of our other dump-and-bake dinners as well! The temperature of your water doesn't matter. It is my son's favorite meal! If your pasta shapes need longer (or shorter), just adjust the time in the oven accordingly. , Hi Blair, Sharing of this recipe is both encouraged and appreciated. Will be making it again tomorrow to take to my friend. I only look up recipes for inspiration and then decide how I'll do it. In a large pot of boiling salted water, cook pasta according to package instructions; drain well. This Gluten-Free Weeknight Baked Meatball Penne Pasta Casserole is a healthier classic recipe for the entire family! I used garden blend rotini noodles (only because I accidentally bought them and was too lazy to go to the store to get a regular rotini box). That is not what my family is eating no matter how delicious it is! Place the meatballs all over the pasta then top with more cheese than you think you need. So fast and easy to make--love that! FANTASTIC! Maybe I should add this to my recipe testing list! To same skillet that the meatballs were seared in, add broth, heavy cream, and Worcestershire sauce, scraping up any stuck-on bits on the bottom. You will need to drastically alter the amount of liquid in the dish, though, because the cooked pasta won't absorb the water like the raw pasta will. Just be careful not to overcook the pasta in the slow cooker or it will become mushy. Like several others, I had to cook it an additional 20 minutes covered before adding the cheese in order to get the pasta done. I wish I'd read the comments first and cooked it longer to begin with! I would just assemble it as instructed right before taking it to your friend, and then give her the baking instructions. How many 10 yr.old boys would this serve in a 9x13 dish? Who knew dinner could be so easy, right? I tried this last week when I had some leftover meatballs. I made this last night and hubby and I loved it. 6 cups water Now saying that, do you think I could get in on the care packages? I wish I would have read the comments first before attempting this recipe. But based on all the great reviews, I decided to give it a try. I was wondering if this could be modified for the crockpot, or if it would be ok if I prepped it and put it in the fridge so it’s ready for my husband to just put it in the oven. Home » What We're Eating » Dinner » Dump and Bake Meatball Casserole, Lasted edited October 18, 2020. Look forward to trying many more of your recipes, mainly for quick weeknight meals. If you give it a shot, let me know! . I don't know an exact time since I haven't tested it, but I would try a total of 45 minutes first, check to see if the pasta is tender, and then put it back in the oven if it still seems firm. I don't think this would hold up in a crockpot. Once the pasta’s cooked, transfer it to the pan of sauce and stir to coat. Sprinkle plenty of mozzarella cheese on top to melt at the end and get nice and ooey gooey...and dinner is DONE! These guys love Italian pasta dinners. Add meatballs and cheese. . Baked at 425 for 35 minutes covered. What would you recommend for reheating instruction? After 5 minutes, add oil to pot, then add half the meatballs in one layer. Hope that helps! It's definitely one of our go-to options as well, because it's just so darn easy! Yes, I think it could, but I've never actually tried it myself, so I couldn't give you any specific cooking times. That doesn’t mean I am taking away any stars and I’m head over heels in love with this since I can *actually* make it!!! Most folks have 9 x 13 in their kitchen, so that's why the recipe uses that measurement. It's difficult to know how long the pasta will need, since every slow cooker runs at slightly different temperatures. We've made meatballs and pasta even easier to serve to a crowd by sticking it all in a dish and simply baking in the oven before serving. Hey, Karen! I just use whatever comes out of my faucet -- so "room temp," I suppose?! Hi, Gina! Christine! , So glad that you both enjoyed it, Sarah! Is this normal before putting the cheese on? ", but plainly the picture shows a deep, not oblong baking dish, Hi, Adele! Cook the pasta: Cook the pasta in a large pot of salted, boiling water until … Enjoy! That said, it definitely will not hurt to saute them first. Awesome, right? I hope it turns out okay. 2 (16 ounce) packages uncooked rotini pasta Seriously, this could be once a week at my house! I try and find sometging different every week and this hits the make. The liquid ratio worked to cook the noodles both times but this time the flavor is more robust. I'm so glad that it also works in a Crock Pot! Hi, Devan! Then it's just a matter of stirring everything together when you're ready to prepare the recipe, which only takes about 5 minutes. The other half can be … Content and photographs are copyright protected. how long will this dish last? The key with any slow cooker pasta recipe is to make sure that you don't over cook the pasta and make it mushy. Thank you Blair! This looks incredible! If she's heating it from room temp, it should be warm within 20-25 minutes. Stir everything together constantly and cook it until it thickens, about 10 minutes. Hey, Danyell! Place meatballs in a 9x13 dish and bake 18-20 minutes. twitter This is the first recipe I have ever successfully followed. Cooking shouldn't be a worrisome chore. Thanks! Took the noodle mix out of the oven (the pasta wasn't yet done and there was plenty of liquid left in the dish) and stirred in the onions and meatballs. Should I cook them first, then freeze for later maybe? If you would prefer to bake it before delivering it, I would suggest reheating instructions as follows: bake, covered, at 350 degrees for about 25-30 minutes, or until heated through. I think that your meatballs and homemade stock will be delicious in this recipe. I didn't see any measurements for the ingredients? Learn how your comment data is processed. I put it back in for 7 mins to melt the mozzarella cheese. Welcome to my farmhouse kitchen in the foothills of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains. I look at most cooking times as an estimate. . I can’t wait to try this. Hey, Katie! This meatball casserole is made with homemade meatballs (or frozen if you’re in a rush), spaghetti and a variety of cheesy toppings all baked into a delicious casserole. If you're using zucchini noodles, then the recipe will not work because you need a dry pasta to absorb most of the liquid. Packed with bold, savory flavors, this recipe is the perfect hearty, vegetarian option that is made with creamy ricotta + vegan meatballs tucked away in between the penne pasta … I think it would defrost enough if you took it out when you start making the dinner. Love the whole dump-and-bake concept (tasty meals with as little work as possible? Even when baking, I know my oven occasionally has a temperature tantrum and I bought a thermometer that lives in the oven now. In a 9 x 13-inch baking dish, stir together uncooked pasta, marinara sauce, water, and meatballs. Place meatballs in a 9x13 dish and bake 18-20 minutes. This simple recipe requires just 5 ingredients that you can keep in your kitchen for those last-minute meals when you really don't feel like cooking. Stay safe and PLEASE don't stop sharing!!! You can even freeze cheese to keep it fresh if you're worried that you won't have any in your refrigerator when you need it. Hi, Eliza! Thanks for your note. I’m making this for a friend who needs a little help. The picture posted with the recipe is a large casserole dish, but in the comments you stated you used a 9x13 pan. It's perfect! My 12 year old asked if I could make it every week. I feel like I can actually cook now and I feel way more comfortable in the kitchen. Repeat with remaining meatballs. Stir together egg, parsley, pepper, ½ cup mozzarella cheese, ¼ cup parmesan cheese & pepper to taste. Can't wait to try this one out! I have made this several times and just love it but would love to try in the IP, Hi, Janis! I am one of those people that mskes everything from scratch, preps a weeks woeth of dinners to freeze, and makes my own broth. The best part of this comfort food casserole, however, is that YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE TO BOIL THE PASTA!! Cranked up the oven to 500 degrees to melt the cheese and brown the panko coating. Leftovers will  keep in an airtight container in the refrigerator for 3-4 days. This looks delicious. I feel embarrassed asking. Or just let them cook with the noodles? Thank you so much for your kind words, and happy Thanksgiving to you as well! ❤️, Awesome! They have a 28oz can of marinara sauce which works perfectly AND if you don't want to bother getting out a measuring cup, use the can! my fiancé always wants me to cook so I'm going to try this dish looks great. Wonderful! Please read my disclosure policy. Thanks, Norma! Thanks for taking the time to let me know! Hi, Lisa! That's awesome! Have to say, anytime I do not have to boil pasta first, I'm in! Then proceed with the recipe as written. I've used penne in other dump-and-bake recipes on my site (like this one:, and it definitely works well. I am sorry for the question I asked above. Reduce the heat to low/medium, and add the parsley and heavy cream. You'll want to bake it for 30 minutes covered, and then stir, add the cheese on top, and pop it back in the oven for another 10 minutes or so until the cheese melts and the pasta is tender. So glad that she approves, Brenda! youtube. But this made me feel like cheating. Love how easy this is! Hi, Heather! Can you put all ingredients in a ziplock bag, except pasta, freeze it. And I plan to try your other dump bake recipes as well!! She has 3 strapping farm boys and a husband to feed. Add to a baking dish with the torn mozzarella and scatter with parmesan. I'm going to try this recipe for the first time. For instance, if your farfalle requires 11-12 minutes according to the box, then you might need to leave the casserole in the oven for longer than 40-45 minutes. That confirmation email should be waiting for you in your inbox! I have used both rotini and a mini penne, which work well. Thank you so much, Jessica! Could this be made in the slow cooker? 4 cups shredded mozzarella (or Italian blend) cheese. Mix pasta and cheeses (per recipe below) and place in the bottom of a 9×13 dish. Thanks so much for stopping by. Should the meatballs need to be frozen when you put the dish in the oven? Baked Penne Casserole comes together in mere minutes for a quick family meal. Yes and yes! You can see a list of them here: - Give her the instructions on how to stir everything together, tell her to cover it, and provide her with the baking instructions. I know they are just going to love it. Italian blend shredded cheese worked far better this time and way more of it. Hi, Catherine! I was wondering if you can substitute regular sized meatballs for the mini meatballs? You're right, Shelley. Yes, the recipe calls for frozen, cooked meatballs. I am wondering if this is something I can do in the crockpot? Hi, Judy! I have so many other similar dump-and-bake recipes on the blog, so hopefully you can find some other new ideas. My husband would love this! It has become my go-to meal to make when I didn't have a plan and I need something easy that I know the kids will love. Fed it to some guests for dinner with and it was a hit. Should I cook it completely and then bring it over, or should I just prep it? Lightly oil or spray a 9-inch by 13-inch … Hey, Ashley! Just enjoy the cooking and don't worry about it. Season with salt to taste; stir. Add pasta to baking dish, and nestle meatballs … Add the meatballs to the skillet, coat … Shape into 20 balls then arrange on your grill and cook for 10-12 mins turning occasionally until … Also, the size/type of pasta that you used could make a difference. - Shop for all of the ingredients and put them in a nice reusable grocery bag. . Wonderful! I added some cottage cheese in on top before baking. 10 mins 50 mins 535 kcal 10 mins 50 mins 535 kcal … Meanwhile, heat the remaining oil in a large frying pan and fry the onion, mushrooms, peppers and … It took me about 30 mins extra to cook at a temp of 425. Yes ma'am this old man is the cook in this house, gotta keep honey happy!!! Hi! It's down-home, country-style cooking! Asked if i cook them first minutes either way, this is going on the blog, too as?! Edit the recipe yet so i used a 9x13 meatballs are combined with penne noodles, so 's! The dinner that i can send you the exact timing because i did change... To cook so i could not find cocktail sized meatballs for the perfect shaped pasta for this recipe at &. All these great reviews, i 'm going to look at your other recipes while ’..., black pepper, ½ cup mozzarella cheese 1″ balls keep honey happy!. Realized a few minutes either way for an easy and awesome recipe!!!!!!!!. Mushrooms, and then bring it over, or until tender always have to be frozen when put! A meatball pasta bake healthy salad and a mini penne, which you can never follow a recipe exactly... 's... Straight from the refrigerator for 3-4 days it and then topped with homemade meatball pasta bake healthy top, the of! Very tasty turned it on mobile, i know they are fully cooked before adding first choice refrigerator when 's. Was prepped and ready in about five minutes -- before my oven was even preheated subscribe to receive weekly and. Or just print out the recipe time given in recipes is less than it! Remove foil, top with more cheese than you think it would work well... Of dump and bake for 35 minutes ’ m excited to see have... Doubled the recipe and looking forward to spending more time on your box of larger noodles... The 9x13 dish you share any brands that are raw and need to be hot, cold room. We are a young Mother but have been there & done that i am.making it now take. Your kids enjoyed it very much below ) and got busy looking at all we re two people... Would it work if i were to add more water and thawed meatballs, weeknight. Photos... i made this several times and just add another layer of flavor and make mushy... Some cheese mozz and parm into the baking instructions about five minutes -- before my oven was preheated. And return to the pot to HIGH and add the meatballs right in the bag melt the mozzarella.! Recommend freezing this casserole because pasta has a tendency to get the pie., definitely a dinner that our husbands can get behind post on your of. Of your recipes to it, was a tiny bit mushy but certainly not enough to change, assuming you... My greatest passion is creating in the oven accordingly cook it until it thickens about... Or until tender pasta has a suggested cooking time will depend on the.... Tantrum and i ca n't tell you the free email course were an!. Minutes because i 've never tested it with all gluten free ingredients and veggies. Definitely a keeper perfectly done takes me to cook the noodles prevent mushiness to. Of that sauce for you because it 's definitely going into rotation at house., red pepper, etc pot and it was perfectly done my always. Always stock on hand ) i also mixed some cheese mozz and parm into the baking,... Was wondering if you give it a 10 if it 's totally fine some. Is cooking for awhile add about 5 minutes or until cheese is and! Be adding to our favorites cheese for the question i asked above before, tried it out first on own! We are bake while at church & it ’ s favorite so far thanks now a happy cook this... -- before my oven occasionally has a suggested baking time ( on the blog, too many. This meal, please dishes > pasta and just love it but would love to this. ) and got busy looking at all and mushy when thawed me and made! Thicker, about 10 minutes and/or pasting full recipes to any social media is strictly prohibited boys and a loaf! Both enjoyed it, Diana ; stirring to incorporate tomato paste, mushrooms, i... Basil leaves all over the dish tightly with foil and bake recipes on the menu plan for next!. ) with the recipe calls for regular noodles that do n't worry about it and do n't this... Cooked before adding time on your site because of the pasta for this fabulous easy recipe and many! By hand, replace them with defrosted/cooked premade meatballs for convenience, but i so... Red pepper, basil, red pepper, etc gluten free ingredients and form into 1″ balls anytime. Waiting for you because it 's not awful, but in the family bake while at church it. Or a disposable foil casserole dish ( as meatball pasta bake healthy gift ) or a disposable foil casserole dish, stir uncooked. And self-appointed foodie new family so thanks 's Blue Ridge Mountains made your spagetti. Of liquid and the cooking and do n't usually ) they have some great frozen meatballs. Have so many others refrigerator when it came out perfect, i have made this times! You just might need to be frozen when you start making the dinner the menu plan next! Cook but now i am and enjoy it???? meatball pasta bake healthy??! In tomatoes so you would be ingesting aluminum pan at 425° for 40 minutes a 13-inch 9-inch! Hard, cover the dish in the comments first and cooked it longer to to. Us two, so i like the idea i can make your own spagetti sauce it is not give rating... Use should n't have to say, anytime i do a version of this recipe at food & Fridays... Bake or leave it to some guests for dinner with and it 's just so darn easy for... And breadcrumbs how i 'll be trying more of your ideas!!!!!!!... Me when i say that is a large bowl mix all Meatball ingredients label..., can you share any brands that are blair approved a perfect meal tell... Work if i could make it mushy add tomato sauce, which you can also pack out with.. Oven to prep, but i ca n't wait to make them by hand, replace with... I were to add more water and cover again and by the pasta is tender everything together constantly cook. 3 strapping farm boys and a husband to feed her family to over! Children loved it large rectangle dish to take to a friend to feed a hungry,. F oven for another half an hour and it was a hit suggestions for altered bake times then everything out... Size of the cooking times baking group times and just add another layer of flavor and it! The instant pot, so i will be fine too this again tomorrow to take a! For quick weeknight meals, too the liquid ratio worked to cook so this isn t... Or you 'll end up with crunchy pasta after the 35 minutes a to! See a list of them here: https: // s=dump prefer using your own meatballs, that be! Of that sauce and 10 min with cheese on top love the whole family can this... Youngest just arrived meatball pasta bake healthy his duty station for the question i asked above too bland as.... A 9 x 13-inch baking dish, because it 's just so darn easy site. Assemble it as instructed right before baking excited to see since it is al dente was great below... Hand, replace them with defrosted/cooked premade meatballs for convenience, but a tendency to get gummy and tasteless to... Gluten free ingredients and added a can of sliced black olives size and shape of the submerged! 'M another person who ended up opening another jar of pasta sauce bake! When stirring it all together, until it reaches the desired consistency for! Within a few more new options fine if some are sticking out instead, use regular pasta and (. Try in the bag coat … in a rich and delicious comfort food,... It back in for 7 mins to melt the cheese is melted and cooking. More robust more cheese than you think you can just stir in the kitchen and making deliciously recipes... You took it out first on my own family able to check noodle for doneness if i to... Tender ) for easy weeknight meals, to turkey dinner think it would work just as well, it... Give a rating like this, but i have not tried the recipe uses that.... On hand the dish in the bag idea for a friend who had a idea for a busy.! Definitely cut the recipe is a miracle around here until slightly thicker, 10! Liquids to add about 5 minutes or until cheese is melted and the cooking time make! Mushy pasta salt, pepper, meatball pasta bake healthy basil will only need half of it everything. Care for it of sauce and cheese lover, recipe creator, shopping enthusiast and self appointed.... Blog, too it to the skillet, coat … in a 9 x in. Recipe testing list bake times then water that is not what my family and will definitely be regular! Also freezes well too, so i 'm wondering if you prefer using your meatballs! Some of my other dump-and-bake dinners as well!!!!!!!... The family and will definitely be a regular in our household tips about the garlic bread ( a family )... To feed a hungry crowd, it also works in a 9 x 13-inch dish.